About Us

About Care 32 Dental Clinic

Care 32 centres are centrally located at Ghatkopar (East) and Sion (West) in Mumbai. We provide our patients with a conducive environment for complete oral wellness. Our clinics are designed to enthrall a sense of calmness and comfort since we understand that patients come in with a hint of anxiety and fear.
Care 32 also perceives the significance of healthful living and ensures that optimum levels of hygiene is followed by all our staff. The clinic is operated by highly qualified and skilled dental surgeons who deliver utmost efficiency with supreme expertise to entail a positive experience.

Our Team

Dr. Shalin Ghatalia

Dr. Shalin Ghatalia has graduated from Yerla Medical and has achieved prestigious scholarships for his academic excellence during dental college. He has participated in several dental courses in U.S.A and Europe to implement his learning back in India and provide international level of dental experiences. He is an active member of professional organizations like the Indian Dental Association and Ghatkopar Dental Assocation. By regularly attending numerous seminars and conferences, he upgrades his knowledge in various fields of dentistry and stays up to date on the most advanced techniques and processes. While he demonstrates complete expertise in services like Full mouth rehabilitation and Implant Dentistry, he has also newly developed a fine touch in ‘Smile makeovers’. He himself works with a constant smile on his face which supports his gentle treatment and he also shares an optimistic relationship with his patients.

Dr. Rachna Ghatalia

Dr. Rachna Ghatalia has graduated from Yerla Medical and has 7 years of dental experience. She believes that Dentistry is not only a science but also an art and she manages to balance these two aspects extremely well through her practice. Her talent also lies in being able to passify her patients and smoothly get them through the whole dental experience. Being a strong supporter of social service, Dr. Rachna has worked at numerous dental camps and oral health centres to provide free dental services to the needy. She has attended various dental conferences, nationally and internationally which have made her confident to deliver the desirable treatment to her patients. With an inclination towards Cosmetic dentistry and Esthetics dentistry, she also demonstrates expertise in all other dental services. An advocate of continuing learning, she devotes her free time in reading a range of dental books and resources to strengthen her knowledge and apply it at all levels in her career.