Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is a new form of tourism, where the Dental Treatments are clubbed with enjoying travelling across the country.

India is a land of varied landscapes, religion, food and culture. India is seen as a perfect destination for travellers to take up medical treatments while exploring the country.

With tons of advancements in technology, techniques, courses and available health care services, dental tourism has been gaining significant importance in India.

Why choose Care32 Dental Clinic as your perfect place for curing dental ailments :
  • We offer Dental treatments of highest standards with top technology and modern facilities.
  • We have already served tourists from the US, the UK and Australia and other African Countries very successfully, tending to their needs in their most desirable and comforting ways.
  • The most sought after dental treatments with us include Root Canal Treatment, Ceramic Crowns, smile designing, full mouth rehabilitation, Veneers, Cosmetic Repair of teeth, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, gum surgeries, all of which cost much lesser than it does in other Western and European countries.
  • We also have well trained and experienced dental experts in our team who have qualified from renowned universities from India and further specialization courses from Abroad, to match international standards.
  • Our Panel of Doctors and Staff are well versed in English and can communicate effectively with the globe-trotting clientele.
  • We are located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. Our clinics our centrally located and are within 20 km radius from the International Airport.
  • Dental Treatments of Cosmetic nature, Implants, Full Mouth Rehabilitations and treatments alike, are not covered by Dental Insurances abroad. All those treatments plus the travel costs, and yet the treatments cost are much affordable in India.
  • Our Affiliation with travel agencies, helps patients to make arrangements of Pre and Post treatment travels, Hotel Bookings, Air Tickets bookings, Visas and other related formal Documents as well.

Care 32 believes that ultimately, the patient must receive efficient service while he is on a leisure tour!!