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Root Canal Treatment

It is done to stop the spread of infection while preserving the natural tooth.


  • Intense sensitivity to cold, hot or sweet foods
  • Pain while chewing
  • Deep decay
  • Increased pain in tooth at nights
  • Swelling of gums around the tooth
  • Accidental trauma to tooth
  • Discoloration of tooth
  • Severely attired tooth

If a patient experiences any of the following Symptoms, that tooth needs to undergo ROOT CANAL treatment.

By this procedure, dead tissue is removed from pulp of tooth. Spreading of infection is shopped & thereby preserving natural teeth.

Root canal be done in either :

  • Single sitting
  • Multiple sittings

Root canal procedure :

  • Tooth undergoing the treatment is anaesthetized.
  • An opening is made in the crown to access the pulp chamber.
  • The diseased pulp is removed & root canals are cleaned, enlarged & shaped.
  • If more than one visit is needed, a temporary filling is placed in the crown to protect the tooth between dental visits.
  • Once the tooth is free of infection, its canals are filled with a tapered rubbery material called Gutta percha.
  • The access opening is then closed with a permanent filling material, herby sealing off the tooth permanently.
  • The tooth is then ready to receive a crown/cap.

It is a complete painless procedure & it helps restoring your tooth back to its function like any other natural teeth.