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Smile Designing

What is smile makeover or smile designing?

It involves an array of procedures which restores your smile not only cosmetically but also functionally giving you a radiant, charming and a confident smile.
Each and every case needs to be evaluated and studied and a treatment plan is advised according to the patients need and concerns.

Uses of smile design

  • Closing spaces between tooth.
  • To correct crowding or overlapping of this teeth.
  • Gummy smile.
  • Fractured and decayed front teeth.
  • Changing the discolored teeth.
  • Unaesthetic old damaged crowns or fillings.
  • Unpropotional tooth height and or width.

To treat the above mentioned problem one or combination of treatment procedure needs to be performed.

  • laminates/veneer.
  • Gum reshaping.
  • Osthetic tooth colored fillings
  • Metal free crowns.