"I was recommended to see Dr Ghatalia after my mouth was butchered by the most prominent DENTIST in juhu after paying thousands of pounds.​
​ Dr Ghatalia listened to my concerns his knowledge and expertise instantly put me at ease his incredible attention to detail and his calm and ever reassuring manner meant that even the challenging dental problems were solved.​ The clinic staff were very friendly and knowledgeable quite often they had gone without lunch to accommodate me as I had sort time in India .​
​ I highly recommend Dr Ghatalia for any dental issues."

- Sandhya shah (U.K.)

"Shalin has been treating me for a year now. As a doctor he maintains a good transperency with the patient and also gives appropriate advice. I am very satisfied with the treatment he has offered me."

- Jairaj doshi

"I came accross DR.Shalin who is also the owner at CARE 32 DENTAL CLINIC - SION via Just Dial, To be honest I did go to Hinduja National Hospital before even had a fee comparison, and the shocking fact was the nations premier hospital was charging Less compared to Shalin's approximate treatment fee, so i decided to get my complicated surgery done at the hospital for a lower cost and non complicated extraction with Shalin, but they say it right you get what you pay for, the treatment and care experience provided at Hinduja was below standards, I went through lot of pain, whereas Shalins dedication to go the extra mile for making sure everything goes right and is well taken care of is really something to be appreciated from my heart. I had come from the united states to get my dental treatment done in a very short span of time, considering that the doctors at the hospital had given a clear No NO, but shalin manged to pull out time even during the weekends, skipping his own personal family time for the patients sake was really why I am writing this recomendation in the first place from San fransico, coming to the treatment, it was splendid and job of perfection, everything is fine here, even though I did not get my required post treatment follow ups and check up done. Thanks Shalin for all your Hard work, I am now happy and having no pain in my gums or the operated area. "

- Nikhil padmanabhan (U.S.)

"I live in Daressalaam, Tanzania .​ I visited Mumbai in Feb , 2014.​ I had planned to undergo the treatment of my dental problems and a friend suggested the name of Dr .Shalin Ghatalia .​ When I visited his Dental Clinic ,my first impression was ​ that the clinic was neat and clean and the atmosphere was patient friendly .​ The arrangement of the Dental equipment ,patient's waiting room and the office space did not make me feel that the Clinic was not spacious .​ Dr. Shalin 's nature happened to be very friendly and ​ attended to my problems in a very professional way .​ It's now over one year since he fixed my caps and have not had any problems.​ The encouraging note is that the caps carried a guarantee​ period of seven years .​ At the age of seventy years ,I am happy to be able to chew ​ all types of food and enjoy my life .​ Dr .Shalin is soft spoken and his mixing nature makes his ​ patients feel at home .The fear of pain no longer persists ​ when he goes about with their treatment . I wish Dr .Shalin every success."

- Ramesh Kothari ( Tanzania )

"I had been to shalin not only once but for n number of times. I had been very irregular for the treatment although he used to dislike it but he ensured that the treatment is completed in the minimal number of visits and best results are achieved. Great Doc..."

- Pooja Mehta

"I went to Shalin's surgery for my teeth treatment in Ghatkopar in March,2015. I am extremely satisfied with the treatment as well as the cleanliness in the surgery. Shalin treated me with utmost care and kindness. I would recommend him to all."

- Usha Shah ( u.k.)

"During my visit to India in March 2014, I visited your Dental clinic. I was very much impressed with the cleanliness and friendly environment. My wife and myself needed dental treatment and we decided to use your clinic.
As we had very short time our treatment had to be finished within that time and Dr. Shalin gave us full co-operation and our treatment was done. It has been one year now and we are satisfied with the work. "

- Ravi Kothari ( Kenya )